New Consultant Welcome Videos 

Good 2 Be New

Here is a short video on the basic of the business

Tips on: 

  • Your compensation Plan
  • New Consultant Confident Start Program
  • Tupperware Trends and Your Website
  • More helpful tips on being successful


The Tupperware Party


Short walk through the Tupperware party

Tips on:

  • Your FRANK list
  • Host Favorites Game
  • Blue print of a party

Welcome to our newest consultants! We are so excited to have you join us. Be sure to let me know what two things you learned for a special gift. 

New Consultant Getting Started Guide


click here

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Frind Finding to Build Your Business Video

This link will take you to the website sign in and click on training, then core, then dating away from parties.


Build your business everywhere you go throught Friend Finding!

Watch this 10 min video and learn how!

Be sure to share with me what you learned


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